About Our Guests Peter Wingfield Peter’s career took a sharp turn when he accepted the role of Methos in Highlander, one that he didn’t anticipate, but it changed his life.  His work took him from the UK to North America where he’s continued to build a career that has taken him on fantastic voyages (Riverworld, Andromeda, and Sanctuary), villainous pursuits (24, Human Target, NCIS LA), and romantic interludes (Men In Trees, Bliss, Cold Squad).  He’s even drawn on the knowledge from that almost medical degree to play a doctor a few times (Holby City, Queen of Swords, Medics).  Since 2002, Peter has attended nearly all of the PWFC conventions, only missing one due to work in England, and even then, he joined us via the magic of a chat screen.  He’s surprised us and charmed us as he’s shared stories, music and some special moments with his fan club.  Gillian Horvath Gillian Horvath was born and raised in the TV business in New  York City, the daughter of a documentary producer.  She  currently commutes between homes in North Hollywood,  California and Hollywood North, Canada.  Gillian spent four seasons on the writing staff of Highlander: The  Series, and had a hand in creating some of its most enduring  characters (including Alexa Bond and Adam Pierson). Gillian also  oversaw Highlander's tie-in novels and other ancillary products,  and represented the series at media conventions around the  world.    Gillian has worked as a writer and producer on a number of sci-fi and action series, including  Quantum Leap, Queen of Swords, Xena: Warrior Princess, MythQuest, Andromeda, Flash Gordon,  the Musketeer series Young Blades, and the cult favorite vampire cop series, Forever Knight.  Her  episode of Beverly Hills 90210, “Perfectly Perfect,” earned the Scott Newman Drug Abuse  Prevention Award for its depiction of diet pill abuse, and her detective feature, On The Other Hand  Death, released in 2008, was nominated for a GLAAD Award.    Currently, Gillian is Supervising Producer on the fourth season of the Syfy series Sanctuary.  Her  original superhero creation, “The Survivor,” is available from Moonstone Books in 2011 as part of  the Chicks in Capes anthology.  We are excited and thrilled that Gillian will be joining us and sharing some new stories about life in the Sanctuary zone.  Jim Byrnes Although Jim is known more for his music in many circles, he is equally as well known as an actor and to many of us, he is Joe Dawson, Duncan MacLeod’s Watcher friend.  Jim’s acting credits include Lifeguard, Wiseguy, Highlander the Series, and Sanctuary.  He has done guest appearances on many shows and had his own variety show in Canada.  He is an award-winning musician, having just picked up his second Juno award (Canadian equivalent of a Grammy) for his most recent album, Everywhere West in 2011.  Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, Jim is one of the best blues musicians there is and it’s always a treat to hear him play.   He just recently completed a role in a short film She’s a Soul Man by Caitlin Byrnes (Jim’s daughter).  David Abramowitz Writer-producer David Abramowitz is best known to fans for his work on Highlander the Series, Highlander The Search for Vengeance, Highlander the Raven, and Queen of Swords, but his credits include episodes of V, MacGyver, Jake and the Fatman, Murder She Wrote, and Just Cause. David worked with Peter on an animated version of The War of the Worlds due out in 2012. David also worked on the Highlander video game and interviewed Methos for the Methos Rocks... Forever video collection of Highlander episodes. No stranger to PWFC cons, David is looking forward to a gathering of friends in Portland.